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My Writing Top 10 of 2017

This year in writing was predominantly defined by my dissertation project that persists, always on my mind in one way or another. I allowed myself two years for the dissertation research and writing so with this timeline in mind I'm planning to finish and defend the dissertation next year. But this year I've also found time to publish a few articles and begin to imagine a life post-dissertation defense while applying to a number of fellowships. The 10 projects that stand out the most to me in looking back on this past year include:

  1. I wrote my teaching philosophy and received feedback from over a dozen academics at the ISA teaching pedagogy workshop.
  2. I published the piece "Queering women, peace and Security in Colombia" to the Queer/ing In/Security section in Critical Studies on Security about how sexual orientation and gender identity matter to peace and security work.
  3. I completed and then transcribed all of my interviews for my dissertation research! 
  4. In published a piece for the Establishment about being a queer femme feminist and the (my first!) tattoo I got last year. 
  5. I applied to many things with long applications, including four post-doctoral fellowships. I have learned one was not successful but I will continue to learn about the rest in 2018. 
  6. In November I learned that my application to a fellowship was successful: beginning next semester I will serve as a Topol Fellow working on the Topol Peace Data Initiative at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Continuing to apply for things after rejections that came earlier in 2017 makes me especially grateful for the successful application to this fellowship.
  7. I wrote an article for Rewire about abortion as a human rights using Ireland as a case study.
  8. I wrote an article for NYLON on why people shouldn't host counter-protests at Planned Parenthood.
  9. I was part of a series of posts about sexual violence in higher education for Conditionally Accepted. I contributed a piece about the need to address gendered assumptions and think intersectionally about sexual violence when discussing it in the classroom. 
  10. I passed the half-way point in my dissertation draft and am scheduled to complete the draft in March.

My plate is already full when it comes to projects for 2017. I'm currently in the middle of two different book chapter drafts, half-way through the dissertation and have two more book chapters to work on before the summer. As I mentioned I'm also going to be working as a Topol fellow most likely creating a tool-kit intended for researchers and activists.

While I have many deadlines and goals before me I know the only way I remain motivated to do this work is by connecting with community, online and off. Here's to being grateful for the miracle of everyday and to showing up again the next day. 



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