Launched by Jamie J. Hagen in late 2017, the Feminist and Queer Happy Hour is a monthly event where you can connect with friends and meet new ones while donating to and learning about a local non-profit.

We host monthly events in Boston and Providence with a team of co-hosts. As we say on our event page, "Networking is hard and weird. Meeting casually in a no pressure environment like this happy hour (we hope) is a way to network with people who care about the same things."  We'll provide nametags because meeting people might be easier with names, a conversation starter and also pronouns.

We also raise funds every happy hour for a different non-profit. We raise the money by asking for a suggested donation of $5 at the door which then enters you in a raffle for our door prize. Previous raffle prizes have included books, gift certificate for a massage and a goodie bag of sex toys. Prizes are donated and more donations are always welcome.

There is something for mostly everyone who wants to find some mutually minded folks to hang out with and continue making plans to topple the patriarchy! Visit our Facebook page for pictures from our previous events. Over 500 likes and counting! Follow or like our page to learn about upcoming events and see more pictures. 


 Funds raised from Events in 2018:

Happy raffle winner!

Total raised to date: $1380.00


About your Boston and Providence team:

Jamie, Organizer  is a postdoc fellow working on turning her dissertation into a book while living in Providence. She is also a clinic escort at Planned Parenthood. You are currently on her webpage and can find her writing about gender, security and repro health here. She is also on Twitter @jamiejhagen.

Jasmine, cohost is a journalist and activist currently working as an admin in Back Bay. She lives in Cambridge and volunteers as a Big Sister with Big Sister Boston. 

Brenda, cohost is a a higher ed diversity professional and reproductive justice activist living in Boston.

Jana, cohost  is a recovering academic and research analyst who studies gender, race, and sexuality in higher education. She lives in Providence and is the co-manager of a team in the Renaissance City Softball League, Rhode Island’s LGBTQ+ softball league (even though she doesn’t know how to play softball).
Auditi, cohost lives in Providence and likes to eat, write and meet fun folks. 













Pictures from December's 2017 Feminist and Queer Happy Hour (top row) and some pictures from one of the first happy hours in October's 2017 at Miracle of Science bar (second row). You can find even more pictures from recent events on our Facebook page. 

We hope to see you at a happy hour soon!