Tell me about your job!


I find people to interview about their jobs for the website Inventing Heron. I wrote about my work here. Some examples of the interviews I've done so far include:

  • Micheal, a nurse working on a cardiac floor in Boston
  • Dana, a blogger for Mombian
  • Aaron, a professor of liberal arts classes at Julliard
  • Jen, an applications analyst with the health services program EPIC
  • Sophie a communications manager with Jobs for the Future
  • Camillea digital strategist, art historian and black history historian

If you've agreed to do an interview, thank you! I created this page to provide some clear examples of the photographs we're looking for to go along with your interview profile.  We need two pictures for each profile.


A photo of you working or in your work environment. Here are some examples:

Alexander, Carpenter

Jen, Applications Analyst

Grace Kim, floral designer


  • Have someone else take this pic for you
  • Be creative! This photo doesn't have to be you at your desk, just you working.



A photo of your working environment. Here are some examples:

The dept. where Brenda works at BUTariana's office at UMass BostonThe cafeteria at Alkamai


  • Take this picture in landscape mode.
  • Try to find an area of your work environment without people in it.